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Alpha Group Investigations performs domestic and international investigations for private and corporate clients. With offices in New York, New Jersey and Florida and affiliate offices throughout the United States, Asia, Europe, South America and the Middle East; Alpha Group provides the industry’s most comprehensive, diligent and confidential investigations.

All Alpha Group's investigations are conducted with our client’s expectation of complete confidentiality in mind. We perform surveillance in a discreet yet unobtrusive manner and with the most advanced technology and authorized databases available to the private investigative industry. Alpha Group is dedicated to providing the most professional and accurate product possible.

With many long-standing clients in the insurance, corporate, private and other sectors, we here at Alpha Group are proud of our reputation within the investigation community as a company that can be counted upon to handle critical assignments effectively and deliver the type of results our clients expect and deserve. 

Corperate Investigatons
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Corporate Investigation / Executive Investigation

Alpha Group Investigations has maintained a solid reputation of trust and integrity in the corporate community. In providing our services to the corporate community, Alpha Group conducts all investigations with the utmost degree of confidentiality and discretion.

Our team of specially trained and motivated Research Analysts is dedicated to assisting our clients find key information that will assist them in making critical decisions relating to Executive Employment, Mergers and Acquisitions, Potential Client Retention, Corporate Espionage, Malfeasance, Business Interruption, Theft and Misappropriation and Due Diligence. Our field investigators maintain the professionalism and intelligence to conduct on-site interviews, document retrieval and undercover operations.

• Provide Corporate Investigation Services for Mergers, Acquisitions and Executive Employment

• Offer Corporate Investigation services related to Espionage, Malfeasance, Theft and Business Interruption concerns

• Employ investigative techniques unique to our client’s individual business requirements

• Deliver investigation results while maintaining corporate confidentiality

The Corporate Investigative Services provided by Alpha Group will, when required or requested, be discussed in confidence with the CEO, the corporate board or other managerial personnel as designated. All matters are always held in the strictest confidence. Our local offices in New York, New Jersey and Florida as well as our field agents throughout the United States and abroad are always prepared to respond immediately to any crisis or inquiry wherever it may be.


Government Investigations (Local, State, Federal)

Alpha Group Investigations maintains a strong performance reputation within the Government communities. Alpha Group has conducted and continues to conduct investigations for local, state and federal agencies. Alpha Group maintains the strictest levels of discretion and confidentiality in investigating these highly sensitive matters. The level of professionalism and experience of our investigators has been the forefront of our success. Alpha Group has been the subject of many people in Senior Government positions recognizing our accomplishments in the field of sensitive and timely investigations that have led to successful conclusions and other cases still in the legal process awaiting disposition. Alpha Group has been the lead investigative agency in successful monitoring assignments. We continue to move forward with our dedicated staff to assist in this highly sensitive investigative activity.

Governmen Investigations

Computer Forensics

Alpha Group utilizes sound and proven forensic methods using the latest and most advanced hardware and software to acquire and examine data from a variety of devices that store digital data.

Just about any device that can store electronic data is capable of being forensically examined. Our forensic examiner's knowledge and expertise on how to use a variety of forensic hardware and software tools and then interpret and verify results, produce meaningful reports and provide expert testimony that is easily understood by attorneys, judges and juries.

The quality of a forensic examination is dependent on the experience of the examiner, the proper use of forensic hardware and software, and, in-depth knowledge of the type of data being examined. Alpha Group has the experience and knowledge to perform professional cost effective examinations.

We use the same, primary equipment and software utilized by most Department of Justice agencies and follow procedures generally accepted in the computer forensics field in all our investigations.

We have performed hundreds of forensic analysis and are well equipped to perform examinations on any scale.

Computer Forensics

Title IX Investigations

Title IX complaints have taken the forefront of litigation concerns within the university communities. There is good reason for this concern due to many educational senior staff placing the importance for immediate pro-active and professional investigations on the back burner. The concern for victims and persons falsely charged has only recently become a priority in the educational sector. Many institutions maintain sitting boards with minimal, if any, credentials that will make life changing decisions relating to Title IX actions. Also noted is the fact that many in the educational process of Title IX have been reluctant to report, or consult with the law enforcement community when reviewing complaints.

Alpha Group Investigations has in the past, and continues to, investigate Title IX issues throughout the United States. The serious nature of the Title IX decisions affects both the reporting party as well as the accused. Both deserve to be heard within the process of a professional and non-biased investigation. Our team of highly trained, professional investigators are dedicated to a confidential, discreet, and thorough examination of the related issues that motivated a report regarding Title IX.

Title IX Investigations
School District Invstigaton & Threat Assessment

School District Investigations & School Threat Assessment

Alpha Group Investigations conducts School District Investigations relating to Residency, Misconduct, Sensitive Allegations, Vendor Due Diligence and Executive Management Recruiting.

Our personnel monitor and adhere to the guidelines set by the State of New York relating to residency investigations and the procedures that are necessary to bring these sensitive matters to the hearing process. In the many cases in which Alpha Group has conducted these investigations, our presentation of surveillance video, witness interviews and legally obtained research material has led to successful resolutions.

Our due diligence investigations relating to executive level employment has been the model for many school districts in making the final determination as to who will lead them with the dedication and expertise necessary to handle the difficult management tasks posed by their students, budgets and community. In addition, our investigative responsibilities include conducting due diligence on prospective vendors under consideration to provide services to school districts. Finally, Alpha Group has been quietly assisting school districts for several years in assessing various risks and threats to their students, employees and property. As recent events have only served to confirm, the need for developing and implementing a comprehensive safety plan for every school and/or school district is critical. At Alpha Group, we are also mindful that in today’s economy, budgetary constraints must be considered and factored into any plan if it is to be approved and implemented. Each time Alpha Group is called upon to render a proposal or make a presentation to a local school district, our security experts make certain that the plan they propose is one which will protect students, teachers and administrators from the type of violent intrusions that have become all too common.


Missing Persons

If the situation should arise that a family member, friend or associate is missing, the first thing a person should do is notify the local Police or Sheriff’s Department or the appropriate local law enforcement agency. Most Police Departments in the United States are known to take a pro-active approach to missing persons, especially if the person is under the age of 18, or mentally or physically challenged.

Many times, the missing person may be a teenager who has run away due to a family disagreement or after “meeting” someone on the internet. In cases such as this, immediate attention to the circumstances, associates, cell phone and computer activity information and data that may be critical to the investigation, before the missing person becomes involved in a dangerous or uncontrollable situation.

Alpha Group Investigations has provided its private investigators to conduct many missing person cases and, fortunately, most have been concluded successfully. Recently, Alpha Group Investigators traced a 14-year-old female from the New York area to Northern Virginia. Within 36 hours of investigative activity, Alpha Group was able to locate the young woman entering a motel in the company of three male gang members. Our investigators immediately notified the local Police Department and they were able to regain custody of the missing girl and arrest the gang members before any harm came to her. She was re-united with her family the next morning.

The most important element in a missing person case is time. It has been demonstrated time and time again that the more immediate the response by trained personnel, the greater the chance of a successful resolution. While there are many areas of an investigation, such as due diligence, where a slower, more deliberate pace is vital to uncovering critical information and preserving evidence, in the case of a missing person immediate involvement and quick action by qualified investigators cannot be overemphasized.

Missing Persons

Asset Searches

Asset Searches and Investigations have become much more sophisticated over recent years. The ability to move funds throughout the world in a matter of seconds is now available to almost anyone with a computer and a basic knowledge of the banking system and the Internet.

In the corporate world, it is not uncommon for companies to suddenly discover massive frauds within their organizations that take the form of embezzlement of funds, fraudulent business expenses, or outright larceny from corporate bank accounts.

When such large-scale misappropriation of company funds occurs, time is of the essence and any delay in commencing an effective investigation could result in losing any chance of recovering any portion of the loss. Judgments or orders issued by the courts allow us to search for hidden or stolen assets that can then be seized or frozen thereby leading to the recovery of money or other property from which an injured client may be made whole or a corporate client saved from a crippling business loss.

Asset Searches

Cellular / Mobile Phone Forensics

As the use of Mobile Communication Devices such as the mobile phone, has exploded worldwide, Cellular/Mobile Phone Forensics has spread to the private sector. Alpha Group Investigations provides this service and technology to our clients through certified professionals who ensure accurate and precise reporting. Our Forensic Expert has been trained and accredited in the field of Cellular and Mobile Phone Forensics.

If the telephone is hand held or vehicle fixed base, our Forensic Investigator has the up-to-date knowledge and state-of-the-art equipment to conduct a thorough examination of the device and to provide a detailed report with the pertinent information found on the device. Data that may be available from the suspect device may be in the form of e-mails, text messages, photographs, video or audio recordings, directories, and call histories (incoming and outgoing) as well as time records as to when information was stored or when and for how long certain communications took place.

There have been numerous instances of corporate owned cellular-mobile phones being the instrument of transmission of sensitive information and documents to parties not authorized to have that information. There have also been instances of corporate owned phones being utilized to contact potential competing employers.

The examination of a parent owned phone in the possession of a minor child may assist in the discovery of unwanted communication generated by pedophiles, stalkers and bullies.

The cellular device to be examined MUST be legally possessed by the client and documentation relating to ownership must be provided to Alpha Group prior to the initiation of the forensic examination.

Mobile Forensic Services are conducted throughout the United States.

Mobile Phones
Insurance Defense

Insurance Defense

Alpha Group Investigations has been supporting the insurance industry for over 15 years. Our highly trained staff is currently teamed with 48 carriers throughout the United States, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Alpha Group maintains the ability to assist with high-dollar defense as well as SIU, Surveillance, Background Investigation and Asset Location. Our investigators have received many compliments with regard to Trial Preparation, Obtaining Witness Statements, Research (Due Diligence), Providing Trial Testimony, Document Retrieval and Casework deemed “impossible” by others. Alpha Group never shies away from even the most difficult challenges. Alpha Group has a proven track record of professionalism and success within the insurance community. Of particular note is establishing a close relationship with the representing attorneys and familiarize themselves with the case details.

In addition, Alpha Group maintains a close professional working relationship with many outside Counsel Law Firms assisting the Insurance Industry. We are particularly adept at working with counsel during trial preparation and at trial.

electronic countermeasures

Electronic Countermeasures / Debugging

Alpha Group Investigations conducts Electronic Countermeasures/Debugging investigations worldwide. Investigators assigned to our Electronic Countermeasures Team have been trained at many of the world’s finest facilities and are required to attend a minimum of two (2) update training sessions per year. Our equipment used to discover hidden electronic devices is upgraded as new technology becomes available.

Our services in this area include the ability to:

• Conduct Electronic Countermeasures/Debugging investigations worldwide

• Determine if unauthorized electronic surveillance is to blame for competitors, opposing parties in litigation or counterparties in contract negotiations seeming to always know your next move

• Ascertain if an employee, spouse or life partner is recording your personal information

• Locate hidden listening devices, recorders, cameras and GPS tracking devices in your office, boardroom, meeting room, residence, aircraft, yacht or vehicle

Our telephone sweeps (to detect illegal bugging), have been successful in locating and identifying compromised phones and phone systems in corporate boardrooms, executive offices as well as private residences.

We maintain the ability to successfully locate hidden transmitters, recorders, micro cameras, and other covert devices designed and placed to compromise a company, organization or individual wherever that may be. We have found that placement of such devices is only limited by human imagination. As a result, our team is trained to think “out-of-the-box” when approaching any situation where a client’s security or information is at risk.

Contact our New York, New Jersey or Florida office if you or your company requires electronic countermeasure investigation in the United States. Due to the highly sensitive nature of our equipment, we do not provide this service outside of the United States.

Elecronic Countermeasures

Matrimonial / Child Custody

At Alpha Group Investigations, we are aware that matrimonial and/or domestic partnership matters are always sensitive and quite often life changing. Thus, ethical considerations and our client’s privacy are critical factors in our service. We have been, and continue to be, the investigative firm for many attorneys affiliated with the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML).

Our services are determined by your needs. Alpha Group provides the personnel and expertise to assist our clients in their most difficult situations. Our dedicated team of investigators conduct thorough and discrete investigations into sensitive matrimonial and domestic issues. We adhere to confidentiality and ethical standards, are attuned to the needs of our clients and are trained to handle investigations of a delicate nature.

a detective or a paparazzi taking photos


Surveillance is one of the most basic yet most difficult assignments a private investigator can undertake.


Surveillance is commonly conducted in cases involving matrimonial / domestic issues, insurance defense, employee misconduct and sensitive contract matters. What makes surveillance delicate and problematic is that there are no second chances. If the critical observation is missed or if the subject becomes aware of the surveillance, there will usually not be a second opportunity to obtain a favorable result. Thus, while a successful surveillance may last days, weeks, or even months with numerous observations of the targeted conduct, one misstep can make any further surveillance impossible as well as jeopardize all other aspects of an ongoing investigation.

Alpha Group Investigations’ surveillance team consists of male and female investigators of diverse ethnic backgrounds, who are highly trained and equipped with state-of-the-art technology including video and audio (when legally permissible) equipment to gather the information that is most critical to a successful completion.

The success of Alpha Group in the field of surveillance is widely documented. Our surveillance investigators are continually updated on current local, state, federal and international laws regarding the sensitive nature of surveillance and the restrictions placed on it.

If your needs require surveillance in New York, New Jersey, Florida, the continental United States or at an off-shore locale; contact Alpha Group for a consultation.

Corporate Executive Desk Image

Due Diligence

Due Diligence ensures a business, individual, organization or situation is who or what it is represented to be after investigators take a close look at such things as a company’s management team, business plan, customers, financial and legal records, and the accuracy of critical representations. Alpha Group’s global due diligence process has been regularly relied upon by businesses, financial institutions, organizations and individuals in all types of situations where accurate and detailed background information and research is critical. This includes, but is not limited to:

• Corporate and Principals: Conflicts of interest

• Corporate Acquisition

• Distributors

• Executive Backgrounds, Promotions, Appointments, etc.

• Joint Ventures

• Mergers & Acquisitions

• Personnel: Previous Employment, Personnel File Update, etc.

• Risk Assessment

• Sales Agents or Consultants

• Executive Backgrounds, Promotions, Appointments, etc.

• Strategic Partners

• Vendor Verification

Due Diligence

Forensic Video Enhancement

Forensic video enhancement is the process of enhancing video using non-destructive procedures to clarify or enhance the recorded events as they occurred to assist in an investigation.

Video recordings used as evidence can be enhanced regardless of the fact if they were recording in darkness or daylight.


The success of the forensic video enhancement dependent on factors such as the enhancement techniques, resolution and frame rate of the video evidence.

Alpha Group performs forensic video enhancement services on a regular basis. Our experts are some of the most qualified professionals to enhance recordings as they occurred.

Video Enhance
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