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GSA Certified

On July 11, 2020, EXECPROTECT, INC was awarded GSA Contract No. 47QREA20D0012 under GSA Schedule MAS, Multiple Award Schedule. Below are the details relating to the awarded IDIQ Contract.

GSA CONTRACT NO:             47QREA20D0012
GSA SCHEDULE:                    MAS
SINS:                                       54151S, 561611, 561EEO
DUNS:                                     035360432
CAGE CODE:                           4MT74
PRIMARY NIACS:                    561611

We are a full service investigation-litigation support investigative company. We serve the business community as well as the private individual. Our research team conducts assignments with the expertise and skill second to none by maintaining a superior staff and providing them with the tools required that allows Alpha Group to provide the most up to date and accurate case information available.


The GSA Contract Services were provided by GSA Focus, Inc.

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