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EXECPROTECT, INC awarded GSA Contract

On July 11, 2020, EXECPROTECT, INC was awarded GSA Contract No. 47QREA20D0012 under GSA Schedule MAS, Multiple Award Schedule. Below are the details relating to the awarded IDIQ Contract.

GSA CONTRACT NO:             47QREA20D0012
GSA SCHEDULE:                    MAS
SINS:                                       54151S, 561611, 561EEO
DUNS:                                     035360432
CAGE CODE:                           4MT74
PRIMARY NIACS:                    561611

We are a full service investigation-litigation support investigative company. We serve the business community as well as the private individual. Our research team conducts assignments with the expertise and skill second to none by maintaining a superior staff and providing them with the tools required that allows Alpha Group to provide the most up to date and accurate case information available.


The GSA Contract Services were provided by GSA Focus, Inc.

Long Island BackStory - New York Premier Private Investigator, Frank Shea Of the Alpha Group On The need For a PI in Divorce

In this episode of Backstory, Mr. Shea discusses if it makes sense to hire a private investigator in a divorce proceeding.

Frank Shea and Laura Ahern award

Parents for Megan’s Law and the Crime Victims Center - Champion Of Children Award to Frank Shea

Frank Shea was awarded for his work in protecting and keeping children safe.

Airport Baggage Image

Exclusive: The Stunning JFK Airport Baggage Scandal; 200 Thefts Per Day

Think twice before you check your luggage at John F. Kennedy International Airport. Cash, jewelry, electronics and other valuables are being stolen from passengers’ baggage at a staggering rate. Former NYPD detective Frank Shea was hired by other clients who were also ripped off at the airport. They both said the theft problem at JFK is a nightmare that is going unchecked.

Frank Shea interview

ABC 20/20: True Confessions V

Inside looks at dry cleaners, nail salons, movie theaters, baggage handlers and movers.

Frank Shea gives his analysis on baggage handlers and a few tips on how to protect your valuables.

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Did the police go too far?  The Early Show

CBS News' Legal Analyst Jack ford and President and CEO of Alpha Group Investigations Frank Shea spoke to Jeff Glor about police opening fire on a carjacked vehicle with a family inside.

Today show icon image

The Milkshake murder captures worldwide attention.

Nancy Kissel, an American woman living in Hong Kong, was convicted of killing her investment banker husband by poisoning his milkshake. After winning an appeal, a second trial recently ended with another guilty verdict for Kissel, who insists she was a battered wife who acted in self defense. TODAY’s Jenna Wolfe speaks with Frank Shea, a key witness in the case, and criminal defense attorney Paul


Callan. Former Prosecutor Paul Callan comments on Hong Kong’s Infamous “Milkshake Murder Case” and describes Frank Shea’s involvement in the case on NBC’s Today Show. Interviewed by Amy Robach . 

The standard show icon

Scotch Twist in Kissel Case – The Standard, China 

Months before he was drugged and beaten to death, Merrill Lynch banker Robert Kissel told a private investigator he feared for his life and suspected his wife of poisoning his Scotch whisky, the High Court has been told in a new twist to the high-profile milkshake murder trial. When Kissel called in late August 2003, “he was quite upset,” private investigator Frank Shea told the court Monday, referring to a phone call with the deceased executive. “He expressed concern that his wife was trying to kill him.” 

Read more.

Suffolk Police Patch Image

Frank Shea Appointed to the Suffolk County Police Commissioner’s Community Advisory Panel

Mr. Frank Shea, President of Alpha Group Investigations based in Farmingdale, New York and Boca Raton, Florida was appointed to the Suffolk County Police Commissioner’s Community Advisory Panel. In appointing Mr. Shea, Police Commissioner Edward Webber stated “that the Board will reflect the diversity of cultures in Suffolk County and advise the Police Commissioner regarding cultural sensitivity training, and to ensure that policies and procedures reflect an understanding of the differences that exist in different communities. The Board will meet periodically to help inform the Police Command Staff of issues effecting each community and to act as a forum for discussion between various groups, identifying common interests and breaking down cultural barriers”.


For more visit the Suffolk County Police Department website at

Andrew Kissel Murder

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PROJECT 148 Hours Mystery:  The Murder of Andrew Kissel

Who killed a real estate mogul charged with swindling $40 million? In 2006, real estate mogul Andrew Kissel, charged with swindling $40 million is murdered in his Greenwich, CT home. Three years earlier, Andrew’s investment banker brother Robert Kissell was murdered in Hong Kong (“Milkshake Murder”). Erin Moriarty interviews Alpha Group Investigations’ Frank Shea. 

Frank Shea news12 interview

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News 12 Long Island:  Website lists pistol permit holders.

Some local police officers have raised concerns over a new website that lists the names and addresses of all pistol-permit holders on Long Island, including retired cops. NEWS 12 Long Island's Drew Scott interviews Alpha Group Investigations CEO and Former NYPD Detective Frank Shea, who believes publishing the registry could cost lives.

Frank Shea  owner of Alpha Group

Date Line: Frank Shea Tries to Warn Robert Kissel

Investigator Frank Shea talks about his last conversation with Rob Kissel just before he died and what it was like testifying in a Hong Kong courtroom

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