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Who’s Your Nanny: Caregiver Background Check

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

We’re all guilty of fluffing up a resume to get a little edge above the competition, or at least a foot in the door. But when it comes to hiring a caregiver for your children, trusting credentials on a piece of paper, just doesn’t cut it.

When hiring a caregiver, it’s important to remember that a resume is generally written by the job seeker, often containing exaggerations or half-truths, leaving out details that could jeopardize a child’s well being, your home and valuable assets. A comprehensive background check performed by a reputable private investigator is the best way to verify the facts before hiring a nanny.

A Great Investigator Knows to look at various aspects of the prospective Caregivers life:

Residential History. Has the candidate moved around or do they have roots within the community. Do they have local referrals and substantial recommendations? If they moved around, was it to accommodate a client family?

Criminal History: A good investigator has the tools and resources to properly check Federal, State and County criminal records.

Sex Offenders or Predators: While there are local sex offender registries available to every parent and concerned resident, these websites post current offenders in the area. A Private Investigator can search previous history and the details of the offense. Drivers License History: You wouldn’t want your children in a car with a dangerous driver… an investigator can run a report for traffic violations and accidents and verify if the candidate can be trusted with transporting your child.

Social Security Number Validation: An Investigator can verify if the candidate is using a valid Social Security Number, checking the date and state it was issued. In some instances, they can even identify if the candidate is attempting to use the Social Security number of someone who is deceased, a relative or even another child, previously cared for.

Liens and Judgments: Is the applicant accountable? A good Private investigator knows to look for patterns such as delinquent finances. If they can’t manage their own life, how can they help with your children’s lives?

Professional licenses: Verifying State child care certifications listed on a resume is essential to learn if the applicant is in fact qualified to help care for your family.

Social Media & Online Research: Looking over a candidate’s social media pages and news archives can provide detailed back story as well as uncover past indiscretions that are not listed in official records.

Education verification: What is the applicant’s educational background? Did the candidate finish school or simply lie to look more qualified?

Parents and other caregivers should always invest in hiring an expert it comes to verifying a Nanny’s work and personal history. When it comes to ensuring the safety of one’s family, an extensive background check from Alpha Group Investigations, is an essential investment.

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